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Legacy Products

Hardy Process Solutions has been manufacturing accurate weighing scales and industrial platform scales for over 90 years. Hardy is also one of the leading load cell manufacturers.

Most products in this section are either obsolete or in the obsolescence process. Learn more about Hardy Lifecycle Management here.

Hardy offers a broad line of legacy process weighing scales, instrumentation, sensors and scales for use in a variety of applications. These products may be available in newer versions. Contact Technical Support at to learn more about these legacy products.

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HI6300 - Legacy Weight Processor

HI 6310 Multi-Channel Display Saves Time, Space, Money
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HI2110 - Digital Weight Indicator

Hardy's HI 200DNWM is the first general purpose weigh module designed specifically to the DeviceNet open network standard, and the first to pass conformance testing at one of ODVA's independent laboratories. This instrument provides power for up to four, 350 ohm, standard strain gauge load cells, load sensors, and load points.
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HI1771-WS - Single Slot Weigh Scale Module

The Hardy Process Solutions HI 1771-WS is a single slot weigh scale module that mounts in an Allen-Bradley 1771 Universal I/O chassis. It reads weight data from strain gage load sensors and communicates this data over the I/O chassis backplane to one of Allen-Bradley's PLC-5 family of Programmable Controller Processors. The HI 1771-WS module reduces installation costs as it needs no external stand-alone scale instrument, and provides a wired communications link to the PLC.
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HI3300 - Tension Controller

OBSOLETE, NO LONGER AVAILABLE | The information on this page is for reference only. The HI 3300 Tension Controller provides precision control of winding, unwinding, and intermediate zones in both web and strand processing applications. The Hardy Tension Controller incorporates an automatic closed loop process to provide precision control over the tension of a web or strand application. It features either a single or dual sensor input to allow for tension measurements on either web rolls, or strand pulleys. The controller measures the tension of the actual product using WAVERSAVER®, Hardy’s industry-proven technology that ignores machine vibration to provide accurate readings. Measuring the product’s tension eliminates common problems found in web and strand processes including feathering, breakage, telescoping, wrinkling, and blocking.
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HI2151-20WC - Multipurpose, Microprocessor Based Weight Converter/Controller

The Hardy Solutions HI 2151/20WC is a multipurpose, microprocessor-based weight converter/controller. Able to perform precise weight measurement even in environments with vibration, the HI 2151/20WC's exclusive WAVERSAVER® quickly ejects noise with frequencies above 0.25 Hz. Response time for stable readings is less than one second. For frequencies above 7.5 Hz, the response time is even faster.
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SVWI - Series V Weight Indicator

The Series V Weight Indicator is a legacy product that is no longer available. This page is provided for users who may need to access the Installation and Operations manual.
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HI2160RCPlus - Loss-in-Weight Rate Controller

The HI 2160RCPlus rate controller is a compact, single ingredient Loss-in-Weight controller for use in a variety of applications, including auger, belt, pump, and vibratory-based feeders.
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HILPRA - Advantage® High Capacity Low Profile Rocker Load Point System

The Hardy HI LPRA Advantage® Series, Low Profile, rocker load point systems are designed for use on high capacity vessels. Each load point consists of mounting hardware and a stainless steel mV/V, mV/V/ohm matched, short rocker type load sensor with true hermetic sealing, C2® Electronic Calibration capabilities, on-board electronic certs, a ¼ NPT conduit adapter and 30 feet of cable.
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HISB01 - Stainless Steel Shear Beam Load Cell

Hardy SB01 is a legacy stainless steel beam-type load cell with improved potting. It is suitable for use in industrial environments.
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The ANY-WEIGH® line floor scales are designed and built for harsh chemical and washdown industrial environments. They are easy to use and install with the latest advancements in weighing technology. Gone are the manual multi-turn potentiometers for corner adjusting.
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HILPT - Tension Load Sensor & Mounting Hardware

The Hardy Solutions HI LPT Series Load Point Assembly is designed to provide accurate output in the most demanding applications. The load point assembly is used for suspending vessels and for mechanical scale conversions. The HI LPT consists of plated alloy steel mounting hardware with Teflon® insulation, which electrically isolates its stainless steel load sensor from stray currents.
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HILPD - Double Ended Shear Beam Load Point Assembly

Hardy Process Solutions has legacy load point assemblies that may have been upgraded to newer versions. This information is for the HI LPDC Series Load Point Assemblies and is provided to support customers who may have purchased this product in the past.
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HI803 - HI 803 & 813 Metrix Portable Vibration Shakers

Metrix HI 803/813 portable vibration shakers are designed to be used in the field or shop to verify the performance of vibration transducers, connectors, cabling, instruments or permanently installed condition monitoring systems. Both models are battery-powered, portable and feature a built-in reference accelerometer and indicator with calibration traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
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HI215 - C2® Certified Junction Box & Summing Card

Hardy C2® certified HI215JB Junction Boxes contain circuitry in a waterproof enclosure that distributes the excitation voltage of up to four load points and transfers each load point’s performance characteristics and weight signals to the weight controller.
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HIHLPS - Mid Range Shear Beams with HISBH04 Sensors

Hardy Process Solutions is committed to providing customer value through the configurability of its sensor line. For compression applications between 1125 lb and 22,500 lb (.5 mt and 10 mt), Hardy offers shear beam load cells for demanding mounting situations with side forces (~50% Emax) and anti-uplift requirements
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