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HIHLPS - Mid Range Shear Beams with HISBH04 Sensors

HIHLPS - Mid Range Shear Beams with HISBH04 Sensors

Hardy Process Solutions is committed to providing customer value through the configurability of its sensor line. For compression applications between 1125 lb and 22,500 lb (.5 mt and 10 mt), Hardy offers shear beam load cells for demanding mounting situations with side forces (~50% Emax) and anti-uplift requirements

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The Hardy HIHLPS ADVANTAGE® Series sliding load cell system consists of stainless steel, mV/V and mV/V/ohm matched  HISBH04 load sensors and mounts with true hermetic sealing and C2® electronic calibration capabilities. The IP68/IP69k load sensor combined with the bumper, slider, fixed mounting configuration offers the best in moisture and corrosion protection, along with best-in-class protection from liftoff (6.6 -15.2Klbs) and side forces, and best-in-class accuracy in high thermal expansion and vibration installations. The bumper slider fixed mount is perfect for agitated vessels, vibratory feeders, and wind-loaded tanks.


Load Point with Stainless Hardware (-43) or zinc plated Hardware (-45).  Shipping Weight approx.10-35 lbs. for Mounts, and 4-17 lbs. for each Sensor

Load Point with Stainless Hardware (-43) or zinc plated Hardware (-45).  Shipping Weight approx.10-35 lbs. for Mounts, and 4-17 lbs. for each Sensor.  

A vessel with 3 legs will require 1 each fixed (F), bumper (B) & slider (S) assy.

A vessel with 4 legs will require 1 each fixed (F), bumper (B) & 2 each slider (S) assy.


lbs         mt    FIXED    BUMPER    SLIDER    Part #
1,125     0.5    F              B                     S       HIHLPS1125-4___
2.25K      1       F             B                     S       HIHLPS2.25K-4___
4.5K        2      F              B                     S       HIHLPS4.5K-4___
11.25K     5     F              B                     S       HIHLPS11.25K-4___
22.5K     10     F              B                     S       HIHLPS22.5K-4___

Load points can be ordered as a system rather than ordering individual components.

lbs               mt          Part #
3,375           1.5          HI3S3375-4__ 
6.75K           3.1          HI3S6.75K-4__
13.5K           6.1          HI3S13.5K-4__
33.75K        15.3         HI3S33.75K-4__
67.5K          30.6         HI3S67.5K-4__

lbs              mt            Part #
4.5K            2.0            HI4S4.5K-4__
9K               4.1            HI4S9K-4__
18K             8.2            HI4S18K-4__
45K            20.4           HI4S45K-4__
90K            40.8           HI4S90K-4__

Specifications Load Sensor: HI SBH04

Maximum Capacity (Emax) in lbs: 1.125k / 2.25k / 4.5k / 11.25k / 22.5k
Max number verification intervals nmax: 3000
Min load cell verification interval vmin: Emax / 11000
Combined Error: %RO ± 0.0200
Non-Linearity: %RO ± 0.0166
Hysteresis: %RO ± 0.0166
Creep error (30 Minutes) / DR: %RO ± 0.0166
Temp effect on min dead load ouput: %RO/10°C ± 0.0127
Temperature effect on sensitivity: %RO/10°C ± 0.0100
Non-Repeatability: %RO Not Specified
Rated Output (RO): mV/V 2 ± 0.1%
Calibration in mV/V/Ω: Matched
Zero Balance: %RO ± 5
Excitation Voltage V: 5-15
Input Resistance Ω: 1100 ± 50
Output Resistance Ω: 1000 ± 2
Insulation resistance (100VDC) MΩ: ≥ 5000
Load Cell Safe Load Limit %Emax: 200
Load Cell Ultimate Load Limit %Emax: 300
Load Cell Safe Side Load %Emax: 100
Compensated Temperature Range °C: -10 …+40
Operating Temperature Range °C: -40…+80
Load Cell Material Stainless Steel: 17-4PH (1.4548)
Sealing Complete Hermetic Sealing: Glass to Metal Header
Protection according to EN 60 529: IP68 (up to 2m water depth) / IP69k
Cable Length: 20 ft
Hazardous Certification: IS Class 1,2,3 Div 1
Legal For Trade: NTEP COC 99-057A1

The Hardy Process Toolbox is a set of productivity tools that support industrial weighing functions. Each tool saves time, increases accuracy, improves efficiency, or reduces risk in process weighing applications, including C2® electronic calibration, and Integrated Technician® to name just a few.

Hardy load cells support the following Hardy Process Toolbox functions when coupled with a Hardy Instrument and Hardy C2® cable.

C2® (or eCAL) Electronic Calibration

The Hardy C2® (or eCAL as it is known in China) core feature provides quick and easy electronic calibration of a weighing system without the need for heavy test weights.


Hardy's INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN (IT) core feature helps you troubleshoot your weighing system and diagnose problems from the front of the instrument or via the PLC. These tests display system weights, voltages, and pass/fail displays to help isolate a problem to the instrument, cabling, or sensors, helping to reduce maintenance costs.