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HI2110 - Digital Weight Indicator

HI2110 - Digital Weight Indicator

Hardy's HI 200DNWM is the first general purpose weigh module designed specifically to the DeviceNet open network standard, and the first to pass conformance testing at one of ODVA's independent laboratories. This instrument provides power for up to four, 350 ohm, standard strain gauge load cells, load sensors, and load points.

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This Product is Obsolete.

This page provides users with documentation and drawings. The Product Migration Path is the HI2151/30WC or the HI6200-ANA Analog Weight Transmitter.

The HI 2110WI is a compact, multi-purpose weight indicator, used for a wide variety of process weighing applications including batching, blending, filling/dispensing, force measurement, level by weight, and weight rate monitoring.

The HI 2110WI can transmit data over a variety of Allen-Bradley Remote I/O, Profibus, Analog, or BCD communications. Data is displayed on the six-digit fourteen-segment LED display.

Weight values can be based on either Net, Gross, weight values in pounds, or kilograms. The 20-bit analog to digital converter in the weight indicator updates 20 times per second and is capable of 985,000 counts of display resolution.

This gives the instrument the ability to tolerate large “dead” loads, oversizing of load cells/sensors, and still have sufficient resolution to provide accurate weight measurement. Commands can be entered into the instrument from the communication port or locally from a tactile feel sixteen button front panel keypad.

A portion of the keys can be locked out to limit operator access and protect data. A limited number of commands can be entered through a rear Remote Functions connector.

The instrument is available in a one-piece (HI 2110WI) or two-piece (HI 2110WI-RM) panel mount configuration. Contact us today to integrate weighing into your application!

Alpha-Numeric Display

  • 6 digit. 14-segment red LED

Update Rate

  • 20 times per second


  • Sliding up to 200 readings in single unit increments


  • Display: 1:985,000 (3mV/V load cells)
  • Internal: 1:1,048,000


  • 0.0015% non-linearity

Common Mode Rejection

  • 100dB at 50-60Hz

Standard Networking Choices

  • Remote I/O (-RIO)
  • Profibus (-PB)
  • Analog; current and voltage (-AN)
  • BCD; includes 60” cable (-BCD)

Stable Weight Reading

  • WAVERSAVER® 0.25Hz minimum

Calibration Techniques

  • C2® Second Generation electronic calibration
  • Traditional calibration with test weights

Data Security

  • Secure Memory Module


  • 5VDC internal power supply drives up to four 350-ohm load cells


  • 120/240VAC ±10%, 47/63Hz
  • 10 watts with options installed
  • (-240) configured for 240VAC

Operating Temperature

  • -10° to +50°C (14° to 122°F)


  • 0-90% non-condensing


  • 4 remote functions (optional mating connector)


  • Two-year warranty against defects in workmanship

All specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact the Hardy factory or visit our website for the latest specifications.

The Hardy Process Toolbox is a set of productivity tools that support industrial weighing functions. Each tool saves time, increases accuracy, improves efficiency, or reduces risk in process weighing applications, including WAVERSAVER® to eliminate vibration, C2® electronic calibration, and Integrated Technician® to name just a few.

The HI 2110 features the following Toolbox technologies:

WAVERSAVER® Vibration Eliminator

Hardy's WAVERSAVER core technology eliminates the effects that surrounding vibration has on the scale weight signal, providing only true data for fast, accurate weight reading.

C2® (or eCAL) Electronic Calibration

The Hardy C2®  (or eCAL as it is known in China) core feature provides quick and easy electronic calibration of a weighing system without the need for heavy test weights.

Secure Memory Module Stores Configuration Data

Hardy's Secure Memory Module (SMM) uses a standard SD card to automatically back up critical weighing system data, allowing you to transfer it to another like controller in a few minutes.