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PLC Plug-In Weighing Modules

Hardy’s single-slot Rockwell® PLC/PAC modules read and condition data from strain gage load cells and communicate it over the I/O chassis backplane to the processor. They provide basic weight data or are loaded with sophisticated algorithms to perform application-specific industrial weighing processes from simple batch weighing to loss-in-weight control, filling or dispensing. Modules are available for Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix®, CompactLogix®, Point I/O®, Micro800® or SLC500 chassis

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HI1734-WS - Point I/O Weigh Scale Module

The Hardy HI 1734-WS Point I/O Series Weight Processing Module is a plug-in module for Rockwell’s Point I/O chassis, the fastest growing segment of Rockwell controllers. Designed exclusively for weight processing in POINT I/O products such as communication interface modules and terminal bases from Rockwell Automation, the HI 1734-WS enhances the productivity of manufacturing systems by digitally suppressing noise and dramatically reducing scale settling time.
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HI1746-WS - Weight Scale Module for Allen-Bradley SLC 500 Series

The HI 1746-WS Weigh Scale Module is a self-contained microprocessor-based I/O module with control inputs and outputs. The HI 1746-WS is designed to be easily plugged into the back plane of an Allen-Bradley SLC 5/02, 5/03, 5/04, or 5/05 programmable controller. The HI 1746-WS supports a wide variety of process weighing applications such as batching/blending, filling/dispensing, check weighing, force measurement, level by weight, and weight rate monitoring.
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HI1756 - ControlLogix® Weight Scale Module

Hardy’s single (HI 1756-WS) and dual (HI-1756-2WS) are weigh scale modules that mount directly into an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix® PLC Chassis. They read weight and diagnostic data from one set or two separate sets of strain gauge load sensors or load cells and communicate this data over the I/O chassis backplane to the ControlLogix Processor.
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HI1756-DF - Dispenser/Filler Weight Controller

The HI 1756-nDF ControlLogix Dispenser/Filler module is the easy answer to a variety of material feed applications, especially, when speed and accuracy of the feed are paramount to the process. The module batches, fills, or dispenses aggregates, granulates, liquids, or gases, handling the entire feed process.
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HI1756-FC - Feeder/Control Module

Used in new applications or to retrofit volumetric feeders, the HI 1756-FC feeder control module mounts directly into your ControlLogix® chassis and controls many standard feeding devices as well as your proprietary designs.
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HI1769 - CompactLogix® Weight Scale Module

Hardy HI 1769-WS and -2WS are single channel PLC-style weigh scale modules for use with the Allen-Bradley MicroLogix® 1500 and CompactLogix® controllers. The HI 1769-WS and -2WS reads and conditions weight and diagnostic data from strain gauge load sensors or load cells up to one hundred times per second and communicates this data over the I/O chassis backplane to the PLC processor.
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HI1769-FC - Rate/Weight Feeder Controller

The HI 1769-FC Feeder Control PLC module automatically calculates and adjusts tuning parameters typically required to maintain desired flow rates in a dispensing or filling system. It is a microprocessor-based CompactLogix™ and MicroLogix™ 1500 plug-in module used with the PLCs Rack I/O in a variety of material-flow applications, such as auger, belt, and vibration-based feeders. It can be operated in batch, automatic, or manual mode.
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HI2080-WS - Weight Scale Module for Micro800 Series Group

Hardy Process Solutions EASY 8™ Weigh Scale Module (HI 2080WS) is for the Allen-Bradley® Micro800™ programmable controller. This low-cost solution is designed to provide “just enough“ functionality that strikes a balance between price, quality of weight reading, and Hardy’s reputation for high-quality process measurement products.
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