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The New Hardy OneMount™

Unique new load cell design significantly reduces installation, calibration and maintenance costs.

SAN DIEGO, CA – Hardy Process Solutions ( has introduced OneMountTM Advantage® shear beams. Hardy’s new design allows a vessel or hopper to be installed, bolted and welded using the mount itself – without installation accessories that can increase a customer’s capital investment by thousands of dollars, as well as labor costs associated with removing components after installation. OneMount Advantage’s integral spacers carry the full-rated capacity without the load cells installed, eliminating the need for the expensive dummy load cells or weighting fixtures typically used to avoid damaging the load sale during the welding process. The 360° checking mechanism allows load points to be installed in any direction and Hardy’s proprietary C2® electronic calibration and matched load cells further speed up the installation process. Maintenance is fast and easy also. Load cells can be replaced with minimal tank jacking (1/8”), and matched mV/V/ohm load cells can be replaced without recalibration.

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