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Weighing Applications

Product Inspection by Weight (Checkweighing)

Typically deployed in two manufacturing areas: PACK (portioning/grading) and SHIP (product inspection). Checkweighers can monitor the weight of:

  • a piece (e.g., can/bottle/pouch etc.)
  • a case of pieces
  • a pallet of cases.

Checkweighers weigh an item and compare its weight against 1 to 5 setpoints and decide whether to let the weighed item pass as good or reject it as under or overweight. This is done statically (product is placed on the checkweigher), or dynamically (item is conveyed automatically over the checkweigher while being weighed).

Check weighing can be deployed on single or multilane packing lines. Checkweighers produce statistical production data that is valuable to quality and manufacturing operations.

Hardy has multiple products that can be installed to manage this application, they are:

  1. HI4050CW (instrument, includes integrated checkweigher function)
  2. Hardy Caseweigher Series (fully integrated solution with pacing and reject conveyor options and all checkweigher functions)
  3. HIBSD (bench scale with display) with built-in checkweighing functions