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HI4050CW - Checkweighing Bundle with Checkweight Controller

HI4050CW - Checkweighing Bundle with Checkweight Controller

The high speed HI 4050CW check weighing system can process up to 250 high resolution (1:30:000) weight measurements per second. The 4050CW consists of a special version of the HI 4050 weight controller connected to up to four analog load cells and a Hardy junction box.

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How important is using a Hardy Check Weighing bundle in your process?
We’ve done the math for you:

  • Your system produces 250 cans packs per minute with an uptime of 85%/year.
  • Overfill is 2 grams per pack.
  • Product cost of $0.001 per gram.
  • Overfill cost per year = $223,380
  • Reduction of just 1 gram overfill per pack =$111,690 savings per year.

The high speed HI 4050CW check weighing system can process up to 250 high resolution (1:30:000) weight measurements per second. The 4050CW consists of a special version of the HI 4050 weight controller connected to up to four analog load cells and a Hardy junction box.

Hardy Checkweighing Bundle

The HI 4050CW is perfect for building new systems for either static or dynamic check weighing or retrofitting the weight electronics of older, less reliable systems.

The 4050CW breaks the traditional analog strain gauge “speed barrier”, without the cost of MFR (Magnetic Force Restoration or other similar high speed/resolution technologies) yet it still delivers accuracies of up to 0.01% of full sensor capacity.

A HI 4050CW system is made of Commercially Available Off the Shelf (COTS) parts that are easy to understand, maintain and troubleshoot. Connect to your plant-wide system using standard protocols such as EtherNet/IP, Devicenet, ControlNet, Allen-Bradley® Remote I/O, Profibus-DP, Modbus TCP/IP, or Analog. It features a lower Total Cost of Ownership because it's simple to use, calibrate, integrate, and maintain. A Rockwell Add-On-Profile makes it easy to configure with RSLogix.

CheckMaster Software:
Smart features of the HI 4050CW CheckMaster software include EDGE detection, an algorithm that optimizes when weight readings are captured:

  • Automatic EDGE detection starts weight processing the instant a load settles onto the scale by monitoring changes in the signal waveform from connected load point.
  • Also works in conjunction with up to two additional external sensors such as photo-eyes to optimize process timing of weight readings.

Connect the HI 4050CW to up to four ADVANTAGE® load points and a Hardy IT junction box for high speed, high resolution weight readings compatible with C2 calibration and operator diagnostics.

Hardy’s process weighing solutions are easy-to-install, configure, commission . They are easy-to-maintain and save you time, money, raw materials and/or finished product. Contact a rep today!


• Stable processed weight 1:30:000
• Maximum Displayed Resolution: 1:999,999
• Internal Resolution 1:8,388,608
Update Rate
• Processed weight, display, communications: 110 or 250
updates per sec.
• Unprocessed weight (A/D conversion: 4800 times per sec.
• > 0.025% F.S. of sensor*
Weight Ranges
• Analog: Depends on load point selection
• Sliding up to 250 readings in single unit increments
Standard Interfaces
• Ethernet: 10/100base T; embedded web server
• Serial RS 232: simplex to printer or to remote scoreboard
Stable Weight Reading
• WAVERSAVER® - user selectable .25 Hz to 25.0 Hz
• WAVERSAVER+ patent pending adaptive filtering improves by 3X the stability of static weight readings
Calibration Techniques
• C2 weightless calibration
• Traditional 2-point calibration with test weights
• 64x128 LCD display with backlight
Units of Measure
• Lb, lb/oz, oz, ton, kg, g, t
• Four optional 5 to 24VDC (-DIO)
• Gross, Net
Load Point Excitation
• 24VDC
Digital Inputs
• Three mappable, non-isolated
• Three optional mappable, isolated (-DIO)
Power Requirement
• AC: 110-240VAC, 47-63Hz
• DC: 12-24VDC
• 10 watts max
Operating Temperature
•HI4050-AC: -10° to +40°C (14° to 104°F)
•HI4050-DC: -10° to +60°C (14° to 140°F)
Storage Temperature
• PM: -30° to +70°C (-22° to 158°F)
• DR: -40° to +85°C (-40° to 185°F)
• Panel/remote mount, DIN mount, or Stainless steel wall mount
• Front panel: 4”h x 7”w x .725”d (101.6h x 177.8w x 18.4d mm)
• Housing: 2.98”h x 5.65”w x 3”d (75.7h x 143.5w x 76.2d mm)
• Wall mount: 11.5”h x 8.28”w x 5.54”d (292h x 210.3w x 140.6d mm)
• UL/CUL, CE certification (on instrument only)
• Certification on digital interface card
• Intertek Hazardous Certification: Hazardous Class I, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D, T4A and Class II, Division 2, Groups F, G, T4A, Class III
• Two-year warranty against defects in workmanship

*Specification varies based on system conditions; and type, weight, and dimension of product. All specifications subject to change without notice. Please contact the Hardy factory or visit our website for the latest specifications.

WAVERSAVER, C2, IT, ADVANTAGE and ANY-WEIGH are registered trademarks of Hardy Process Solutions, Inc. Allen-Bradley and Silver Technology Partner are trademarks of Rockwell Automation, Inc. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Primary Communications

Mounting Type

Power Input

Network and Internal Option

Communication Option

Auxiliary Option

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The Hardy Process Toolbox is a set of productivity tools that support industrial weighing functions. Each tool saves time, increases accuracy, improves efficiency, or reduces risk in process weighing applications, including WAVERSAVER® to eliminate vibration, C2® electronic calibration, and Integrated Technician® to name just a few.

The HI 4050 features the following Toolbox technologies:

C2® (or eCAL) Electronic Calibration

The Hardy C2®  (or eCAL as it is known in China) core feature provides quick and easy electronic calibration of a weighing system without the need for heavy test weights.


Hardy's INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN (IT) core feature helps you troubleshoot your weighing system and diagnose problems from the front of the instrument or via the PLC. These tests display system weights, voltages, and pass/fail displays to help isolate a problem to the instrument, cabling, or sensors, helping to reduce maintenance costs.

WAVERSAVER® vibration eliminator

Hardy's WAVERSAVER core technology eliminates the effects that surrounding vibration has on the scale weight signal, providing only true data for fast, accurate weight reading.


A patent pending dynamic algorithm that improves the stability of static weight readings by 3X.

Embedded Web Server

Access your instrument from any computer browser, easing setup and making diagnostics fast and easy. Use the Embedded Web Server to set up all parameters from anywhere on the Ethernet network.

Secure Memory Module Stores Configuration Data

Hardy's Secure Memory Module (SMM) uses a standard SD card to automatically back up critical weighing system data, allowing you to transfer it to another like controller in a few minutes. You can also use the card to easily back up your controller data onto a PC.